About MMT

An open source R&D affinity. Composed of cooperative members and activists, MMT have been exploring the potential of new and existing technologies in crypto-space to encourage horizontal group collaboration. Over the last year, we have zeroed in on safe management of private keys as a foundational problem to solve.

Members of our team have built the world's first cooperative hedge fund (Robin Hood Coop), created open source software for collaborative organising and financial decision-making (Loomio and Cobudget), grown networks of next-paradigm social impact startups (Enspiral), participated in a 30 year long federation of cooperatives which has never had a default on a loan (Radical Routes), attracted EU funding for investigations into social currency design and community driven decision making (D-CENT and DECODE), and helped create one of the most vibrant growing ecosystems in cypherspace (Secure Scuttlebutt).

We are all experienced in effective collaboration and know how to work as a team. We are a high-EQ group, emphasising the human elements of what it takes to make great software, backed up by technical expertise.


Portrait of peg (he/him)
peg (he/him)

Peg is a software engineer based in Germany, working on community based peer to peer projects over the last decade.

Portrait of kieran gibb (he/him)
kieran gibb (he/him)

Kieran is a software engineer with a love for cooperatives, horizontal organising, games, and DIY ethics. After working on some of the UK's largest Rails applications, Kieran now moves between Brighton and London, running his own development consultancy while working to expand cooperative and p2p practices in the UK tech scene.

Portrait of dan hassan (he/him)
dan hassan (he/him)

Dan is a queer white-passing descendent of indenture. An opensource hacker with solarpunk tendencies active in autonomous co-operatives, blockchain research/development & big (enough) data analytics over the last decade; in areas of economics , housing, migration & labour.

Portrait of alanna irving (she/her)
alanna irving (she/her)

Alanna is an expert in productivity and governance of distributed, non-hierarchical communities and businesses. She has significant experience building open source software to enable new kinds of organising, especially related to collaborating with money.

Portrait of mix irving (he/him)
mix irving (he/him)

Mix is a programmer, teacher, and facilitator who is one of the most active contributors to Secure Scuttlebutt. He has co-founded several tech co-ops, and already fully lives the p2p crypto-powered future that he believes is the future.


Our advisors are our peers. They are humans that we trust to hold us to account for our values and ethics. They are humans who trust us enough to put their name in association with our experiments. We draw on their expertise and friendship in the course of encoding ethics and in mapping how to navigate unknown terrains; what to focus on, which directions to build towards and which communities we need to embed ourselves in to ensure we are building in service of expanding who gets to be a Peer in the new realms of P2P technologies.

Collectively they have forecasted the Walkaway-net, built blockchain prototypes for the Bank of England, been involved at the ground level of twitter, built a software framework used internally within Netflix and the BBC, delivered cryptocurrency 101 sessions at AfroTech Fest, written Hippocratic Oaths (the Satoshi Oath) delivered at one of the worlds first Ethereum coding schools and participated in ongoing European research advancing the state of the art in collaborative blockchain supported community participatory local token schemes.

Portrait of Dr. Jutta Steiner (she/her)
Dr. Jutta Steiner (she/her)

Jutta is the co-founder and CEO of Parity Technologies. Parity Technologies has developed the most advanced Ethereum client and has recently started a new blockchain network protocol called Polkadot—a pioneering work to address governance, interoperability, and scalability of blockchain technology and a fundamental building block of the future decentral Web 3. She previously served as Chief of Security for the Ethereum Foundation, overseeing security audit and integration prior to the launch of the public blockchain in 2015.


Portrait of matthew dryhurst (he/him)
matthew dryhurst (he/him)

Mat Dryhurst, sometime collaborator with Pan Records and Holly Herndon, developer of the Saga artist self-publishing framework and Advisor to blockchain soundcloud replacement Resonate.is



Portrait of Dave Hrycyszyn (he/him)
Dave Hrycyszyn (he/him)

In a 20 year career, Dave has successfully delivered hundreds of software systems. From startups to the world's largest organizations, he's scaled systems to tens of millions of users. He also wrote the book on the open source Scalatra HTTP framework, used by the BBC, NetFlix, and McLaren. A close accomplice over the years we review our high level architecture ideas to try and help map new and unknown territories in the world of software.

Portrait of Dre Ferdinand (she/her)
Dre Ferdinand (she/her)

Dre is a qualified Asthanga Vinyasa Flow yoga and Yoga 12 Step Recovery teacher. Her practice uses yoga as a therapy for societal pressures and oppressions. Her nurturing, fun classes encourage students to appreciate their strengths on their journey to irie: a journey of being at peace with your current, yet evolving state of being. Her classes empower all to cultivate inner peace and self-love. Dre is also a qualified clinical social worker and reiki practitioner. In her spare time she is either tending to her garden, travelling, teaching yoga or attending a class herself. We've worked with Dre to deliver cryptocurrency 101 classes in London, most recently at the last AfroTech Fest in London.

Portrait of Elias Haase (he/him)
Elias Haase (he/him)

Founder of one of the worlds first ethereum coding schools Elias's interests are in direct democracy, back to the land approaches informed by high technology and permaculture in equal measure. We speak with Elias about the power of ritual combined with new networked technologies as mechanisms for enabling people to commit to promises in turbulent times and to expand and extend trust amongst humans using network backed rituals.

Portrait of Dominic Tarr (he/him)
Dominic Tarr (he/him)

Dominic Tarr started the secure-scuttlebutt project, a Node.js developer with more than 700 modules published on npm and who lives on a self-steering sailboat in New Zealand. It is here, from the need for offline connection with the outside word, Scuttlebutt emerged.

Portrait of Prof. George Danezis (he/him)
Prof. George Danezis (he/him)

George is a security, privacy and anonymity researcher. Prof. of Security and Privacy Engineering at UCL. We speak to George about cryptography. He established the Blockchain Research Lab at University College London after building a blockchain system for the Bank of England. George has been experimenting with friend of a friend cryptographic back schemes professionally over the last decade. Our connection with George is through the pre-Facebook era of London Indymedia citizen lead direct activist journalism.


Portrait of Christina Frankopan (she/her)
Christina Frankopan (she/her)

Christina Frankopan is currently the CEO and co-founder of Protozoa, a venture builder of high-growth technology companies, including the next generation of blockchain businesses. Christina previously worked as a corporate financier and strategist, advising public and private clients across multiple jurisdictions and at all stages of maturity. Beginning her career in M&A at Lazard in London, she has subsequently worked with advisory boutiques Soditic and Auden Capital, with a particular focus on financial services groups, and the asset management sector in particular. More recently, she has also evolved an applied interest in the emerging field of impact investing.



Portrait of Aspasia Beneti (she/her)
Aspasia Beneti (she/her)

Aspra is a community organiser, lead developer of Dyne's complimentary currency toolkit Freecoin and core member of the Commonfare project. Working across Europe with marginalised communities, she is a leading voice advocating a participatory approach to social welfare through collaboration and mutual support. Aspra is at the forefront of experiments promoting a new socio-economic model providing access to the commons. We meet with Aspra as often as we can to speak about the political aspects of the work, the social risks and to share insights into our various research. We consider this Participatory Peer Review.

Portrait of Lola Oyelayo (she/her)
Lola Oyelayo (she/her)

Lola is a product strategist who specialises in figuring out what new tech is actually useful for. At Chainspace she's in charge of research, prototyping, and business strategy to find what's useful (and ditch what's not) in what's still a very immature design space. We speak with her about UI/UX Expert, fusions between Product Research and Ethnographic Research (in a format she has innovated called Field Studios). Self-described Afro-Geek, Wanderer. UX/ Strategy/Product Innovation; Blockchain/Crypto;



Portrait of jaya klara brekke (she/her)
jaya klara brekke (she/her)

Jaya has been a friend of mmt since the inception of the project. She has written the ethics module for B9 lab, an ethereum coding school, called the Satoshi Oath - a Hippocratic Oath aimed at the world of blockchain. Jaya's research challenges us to look at this sector critically, to abandon the imagery of unicorns and to stayed attuned to the fact that just because we use decentralized technology does not mean we are decentralizing power. The biggest challenge in tackling this is not technological, but cultural.

Portrait of Cory Doctorow (he/him)
Cory Doctorow (he/him)

Cory Doctorow is an activist, science fiction writer and journalist, who is co-owner and co-editor of the weblog Boing Boing.

In his recent book Walkaway he creates a compelling world which draws the reader to imagine a new scheme within which to back up their most precious data: “There’s plenty of crypto weenies trying to figure this out, using shared secrets so to split the key into say, ten pieces such that any five can be used to unlock the file.” This was early inspiration for Dark Crystal.

When we catch up with Cory it'll be this two steps ahead quality that we'll find future fusions with.